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Korea Eyecandy Rainbow Volume S Brush
World famous detangle brush at the moment!
RM  95.00  55.00  
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Vintage Ribbon Make up Pouch (3 Colours Available)
Keep all your beauty essentials in this cute jelly makeup bag
RM  29.90  19.90  
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100 Colour Evening Bag Eyeshadow Palette
For party, casual or wedding makeup in a set!
RM  119.00  69.00  
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MicroDerma Skin Roller 0.5mm
Your skin would love this!
RM  109.00  69.00  
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World Best Selling! 3D+ Pro Bust Enhancement Mask
Raise your cup size forever in just 30 days of usage!
RM  65.00  45.00  
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Japanese Style Magic Bun Sponge Hair Twist Clip 22.5cm (3Units)
Make the cute bun hair style by yourself anytime and anywhere.
RM  19.00  10.00  
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Natural Pink Cream for Lips & Nipples 30g
Solve the issue of darken lips, nipples and private part !
RM  79.90  45.90  
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KAO Megurism Steam Hot Eye Mask (2 Flavours Available)
Generates a moderate heat (40 C) to warm, refresh, and relieve stress of your eye area.
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Perfect Pro Automatic Hair Curler (Pink)
Effortlessly create beautiful curls with multiple settings
RM  580.00  290.00  
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Pink Hair Cutting Guide Tools (Bangs Cut Kit)
No More Bang Hair Days!
RM  39.90  19.90  
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Korea Mini Brow Class Drawing Guide Set
Learn to get neat and perfectly looking brows!
RM  19.90  12.90  
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Bandage Push Up Bikini Set (6 Colours Available)
Make sure your swimwear stylish and creates up to 3 styles
RM  129.90  59.90  
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Weave Tote Bag
Multi-functional and Stylish
RM  69.00  49.00  
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Quilted Handbag (6 Colours Available)
Can be used as a shoulder bag or clutch bag!
RM  69.00  39.00  
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Cone Shaped Hair Curling Wand (25mm)
New revolution of curling iron! Here comes the wand!
RM  139.00  95.00  
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Marilyn A Line Skirt (2 Colours Available)
Essential for work and play!
RM  89.00  59.00  
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Petitfee Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch (60 eye patch)
Bye Bye Panda Eyes!
RM  89.90  59.00  
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28 Days Whitening Miracle Set (28 Ampoules)
One ampoule a day, keep dry skin far far away!
RM  290.00  189.00  
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Invisible Push Up Air Bra  (2 Colours Available)
Size A cup turn to D cup in few presses!
RM  239.00  99.00  
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Blistex Lip Medex Lip Moisturizer 7g
Lip protector for extreme weather and seriously chapped lips.
RM  19.90  13.90  
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PU Leather Messenger Bag (4 Colours Available)
Weekend getaway must-have!
RM  129.00  49.00  
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Seamless Push-up Bra (with Interchangeable Strap )
Perfect solution for your strapless and backless dress!
RM  79.90  39.90  
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24K Gold-Plated Face Massager
Celebrities' secret exposed!
RM  129.00  79.00  
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Ice Ball Ice Bricks Tray Ice Tray Mold Maker Party Mould (Set of Four)
Ice ball-creator, ideal for both bars and home-use
RM  39.90  19.90  
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Japan Night Massage Slimming Pants
402 calories can easily be consumed by one hour walking, with the pants on.
RM  60.00  30.00  
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Upper Arm Slimming Band
Say Goodbye to Flabby Arms
RM  38.00  19.00  
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Wizzit Electronic Hair Remover and Grooming Kit
Battery-operated bladeless epilator plucks hair at the root.
RM  70.00  39.00  
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Doyen Face Lifter Belt (1pcs)
Losing double chin overnight !
RM  49.90  26.90  
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Cotton Candy Maker (West Malaysia)
Instantly makes fresh carnival-style cotton candy.
RM  330.00  150.00  
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Black Eyeliner Sticker (112pcs)
Save yourself the trouble and do it in the easiest way!
RM  12.90  6.90  
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4 Stages Shape Slimming Waist Trimmer
Slims and shapes your body and promotes sweating with the help of Far Infrared Ray.
RM  55.00  29.90  
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Genie Nylon Seamless Bra (Padded) 6 Colours Available
Genie Bra will mold you breasts nicely.
RM  120.00  55.00  
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160CM Cute Teddy Bear (KL Valley )
Bears need people. People need bears.
RM  480.00  198.00  
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Professional Salon Shaper
Say bye-bye to embarrassing looking hands forever with just a some simple steps.
RM  55.00  26.00  
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Calories off Slimming Thighs Shaper
Wear to reduce hypodermic fat to keep your body fit
RM  38.00  19.00  
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SHISEIDO Tsubaki Golden Repair Value Set (Shampoo 550ml +Conditioner 550ml)
Camellia oil has been used in Japan for generations to soften, smooth, and protect the hair and skin.
RM  80.00  42.00  
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Naturactor Cover Face Cream Foundation / Concealer
To achieve a natural and smoother looking skin texture
RM  59.00  34.00  
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SkinCode Exclusive Perfect Skin Capsules (5pcs)
Easiest and fastest way to own a perfect skin!
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Lace Invisible Transparent Double Eyelid (48 Pairs)
It makes thin eyelids clearly visible!
RM  29.90  14.90  
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Nude Stocking Spray 160ml - Air Stocking Spray
Formulated to properly color skin to make legs look flawless
RM  69.90  39.90  
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Po Bling Sonic Electric Pore Cleanser (Korea's Best-Selling)
An advanced vibrate motion to effectively cleanse oily skin, large pores
RM  239.00  109.00  
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Batiste Dry Shampoo- Refresh Your Hair Instantly!
Refreshes hair without using water!
RM  59.90  49.90  
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MakeUp Blending Sponge  (Pink/Purple) -Flawless Airbrush Finish
Works really well to blend and apply liquid foundation and spot-blend concealer.
RM  19.90  9.90  
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Professional Pro Perfect Curl (Black)
Hair goes in, curl comes out!
RM  580.00  260.00  
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Disposable UnderArm Anti-Sweat Pads (15PAIRS)
Sticker for sweaty armpits that absorbs excessive underarm sweat .
RM  60.00  25.00  
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Low Back Bra Strap (3pcs in 1 Set)
Show off your back without going braless?
RM  39.90  19.90  
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WhiteLight Tooth Whitening System / Tooth Whitening Instrument
White Light makes your Teeth whiter in as little as 10 minutes.
RM  55.00  29.00  
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Cyclax Nature Pure Apricot Facial Scrub Tub 300ml
British Royal's Favourite Scrub
RM  59.90  39.90  
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Eyelid Trainer - Creating Eyelid Without Surgery
5 minutes a day and you’ll have fabulous double eyelids in no time!
RM  49.00  19.00  
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Korean Cracare Heel Balm 35ml
Visible Effects Within 5 Days!
RM  69.90  34.90  
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Korea Ztoa & Senseball - No More Oily Face!
Don't waste your oil papers!
RM  139.00  95.00  
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